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Welcome! I'm Kara!

 I'm a holistic wellness practitioner who uses a diverse wellness and spiritual toolkit to ignite transformation and self-realization in women ready to embrace their divine essence and a life of wellness, travel, and joy. However, I don't want to do this alone.  I want to create a sacred community and space where soulful women from all over the globe can connect, grow, learn, and elevate together.  Will you join me?

Join Us If...

You are open to learning how wellness and energetic tools such as
Reiki energy healing, essential oils, meditation and more can help transform your life.

You are ready to explore, excavate, embrace and elevate
who you are as a soul and pure being of consciousness.

You are looking for a tribe of soulful, adventurous women who are on a quest to uncover their true divine essence so they confidently live a life that their heart desires.

This is making the hairs on your skin stand up or creating tingling sensations throughout your entire body with the knowing you have found your tribe! :-)

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